Bend Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Oregon certainly has no shortage of breathtaking country roads and quaint scenic highways that appeal to bikers from across our nation. Motorcycles are a terrific, cheap, eco-efficient option to get around, and data reveal that motorcyclists are a few of the best and most protective motorists on the roadway. Sadly, the biggest issue a motorcycle enthusiast faces is the fact that – no matter how seasoned and cautious they are – a person riding a motorcycle is less protected than the individuals who are operating other enclosed vehicles sharing the road with them. In a collision between a bike and practically any other vehicle there is no doubt who will bear the brunt of the damage and consequential harm. To make matters worse, in almost three out of every four of those types of accident the culpable party is not the motorcyclist. The most typical reasons for bike accidents are:

•   Motorists switching into a motorcyclist’s lane, disregarding right-of-way laws

•   Motorists failure to allow motorcyclists room to merge at highway exit and entry ramps

•   Roadways in disrepair; potholes, unequal pavement

•   Inclement weather, difficult nighttime conditions

•   Faulty helmets, riding gear, or components

Injuries sustained as a result of a motorcycle accident are likely to be much more severe and comprehensive compared to injuries sustained while travelling in an enclosed vehicle.  Though you are likely to wear a helmet while on a bike, your head and throat location are incredibly susceptible to increased probability of traumatic brain injury (TBI), neurological harm, spinal cord injury (SCI), paralysis, amputation, or fatality.  The likelihood of such a devastating injury is greater compared to virtually any sort of vehicular crash. If you’ve suffered injuries from a motorcycle crash, you’ll need a lawyer that knows the mentality of car insurance representatives when considering motorcycle accidents.  While over the years society’s mindset has soften a bit, there remains a negative social prejudice toward “bikers,” and insurance companies will use this bias to undermine the settlement amount they offer. At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve we know and anticipate these types of moves insurance representative utilize, and this means we understand what must be done to navigate your claim in the right direction! We’re going to fight to help you get the results you are due, and that can happen in or out of court! Please call our office for a no-cost assessment; our devoted staff will be sure to get back to you that same day. There is no reason not to call.  We only get paid on a contingency basis for all of our motorcycle cases.  At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve – we accept no charge for assisting you unless we win for you!